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Our Cause

Touched by an Angel is a registered 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to awakening and redefining self-worth in single mothers and single fathers through education, hope, and love. Empowering them to thrive from the inside out, we provide the tools they need to live purpose-filled lives.

Working with single-parent families whose lives have been shattered by poverty, mental illness, divorce, Touched by an Angel serves as a catalyst for rebuilding broken homes and restoring quality of life. In addition to covering costs for rent, utilities, realtor fees and one-time moving expenses, we offer services such as life skills training, life coaching, resume building and referrals to community resources that can assist with educational grants, childcare expenses,  mental health, and legal services.

Touched by an Angel would like to create an Empyrean for single parents that will allow them to build better relationships with their children and develop better co-parenting skills, emotional intelligence, additionally there would be support groups, seminars on healthy living, shopping tips, and financial literacy. I set out a list of goals I wanted to achieve this year to bring this into a reality. One of those goals was to create a support system for Single Parent Homes within the Bergen /Hudson County community. The idea is to host series of workshops and support groups where people can share some of the issues that stem from running a single-parent home as well as provide them with the tools to overcome them.

Touched by an Angel’s target demographic are individuals who head single-parent operated homes. There are about 19% of Bergen County Residence that are Single parents and the numbers are continuing to rise. Our definition of what a single parent home are as follows.


The single parent home arises mainly from:

  • Death

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Unplanned pregnancy

  • Abandonment/Elopement


Issues that single parents face include, but are not limited to:

  • Trying to fill the role of BOTH parents

  • Dating/Moving on to a new partner

  • Financial challenges

  • Discipline for the child(ren)

  • Interaction with grandparents and external family


One of our goals is to host at least one event every quarter, with classes running a course in 6-week intervals.

Another goal will to have an after school program that teaches, cooking, healthy eating habits, yoga, and self-defense, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.


Our overall goal is to raise awareness within our communities and build stronger minds as we bring broken families together by encouraging wellness, financial stability, community development and knowledge of community resources.


Touched by an Angel can accomplish these goals with the support of the community through donations and volunteers.  The initial cost of the materials to operate the workshop are $540.00 which will cover the first twenty-five participants which average $22.00 per person to attend two 6-week sessions.

We also offer an 8 week webinar focusing on single parent empowerment and co-parenting. The materials are free. They can be downloaded or emailed.

The materials needed for the cooking program are free and provided by Cooking Matters which is another nonprofit organization located in Washington D.C who has chosen to share their educational programs nationally to other nonprofits or individuals who would like to help families eat healthy, end hunger, childhood obesity, and encourage financial stability. Our other programs will be satisfied through partnerships, donations, grants and referrals.


We kindly welcome all contributions, in- kind donations, services, and monetary.

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