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D. Crawford-Smith

Tech Lead

Hello from the Smith family, 

This account and testimony I am giving to you are to impress upon you the importance of Touched by an Angel’s programs, the Doula program, and Thanksgiving and Christmas programs.

It has impacted my Life and I am sure many others and how much it should be understood the dire need for this to be continued.  So she may continue to do what she has done for me and countless others and to reach those whom God has not put in her path yet.


I’ve known Kendra since December 2016 when she met me at age 26 I was an independent single mother. Two years prior to the year we met was living in the streets doing all I could in raising a 9-year-old son with a strained co-parent situation in place on top of a newborn son just born in March of that year by a different man who did not want the responsibility of being a father.

 From 2009-2014 I was able to manage a place to stay for me and my son before I lost it and had to face the struggles of being homeless to end up moving into the second house I’ve obtained in my life alone through affordable housing in the year of 2016 over the years with the help of Touched by an Angel and support from these programs I have been provided the means to furnish my two bedrooms with two full bath 2 story townhouse home for my sons to have a stable life and help me be a better mom. Most women and men in my situation end up losing their kids and falling into drugs to cope with failure in the life of parenthood and the responsibilities that come from it.

  I've even been helped with transportation to get my oldest son on court-ordered visitations from Hudson to Atlantic county.  They went beyond the means of the program when the program itself was short on funding by giving us a ride personally to and from to pick my son up to avoid missing my parenting time on one such occasion.


She has made every Thanksgiving and Christmas for my kids from the year 2016 to this year to come more than anyone can hope for. Especially with limited assistance from government programs like welfare, WIC, and food pantries. that sometimes don't have healthy foods.

Touched by an Angel who provided emotional support and encouragement in the most trying and unimaginable dark times in one’s life this program has been a safe haven and more than helpful to me in my life.  On May 20 2019 I welcomed a beautiful baby girl by the name of Phoenix Queen War Beckett into the world and even though she was faced with a not involved father due to my poor choices again in men and cerebral palsy a horrendous medical condition that left her in non-stop brutal pain and agony. These programs help me in so many ways from providing her with car seats to bringing her home to beds to giving her a place to lay her head along with a wardrobe fit for a queen. When June 1st, 2020 the day God sought to end my daughter's pain and suffering In her life of continuing seizures to no end Kendra had done more than many would or could and not only provided me with transportation back home from the hospital but also provided me with a home desktop. The desktop helped me to be able to give my daughter Gerber life insurance to better assist in her care n health.  When things got worse they also offered to escort me to another hospital to see about her care when her own designated hospital threatened to deny her medical attention that day due to the opinion of lack of need assistance due to nature and reasoning why it was felt she need to go. Which result in me being forced into bringing her to a hospital further away and ultimately that day of her death.


As I plan to do what no parent should ever do let alone have to do. I prepared myself to bury my daughter who only live one year of life.  Touched by an Angels' program and support helped me survive an ordeal that I live with to this day. As I faced the martial challenges of domestic violence. This program again came to my rescue when I needed them and assisted my family with safety.


It is now the year 2022 and Touched by an Angel Doula program has once again been able to bless me and my household with her support and ability to help me bring home a new addition to my growing family. On October 22 of this year, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy with my husband as a new dad again of his 1st born son Jr.  We were provided with keeping our phone service intact, food, pampers and other baby needs we could not have provided such as well as the car seat to bring our bundle of joy home from a hospital.  After we came home we received additional care items such as basic food and baby water for our little one all provided by the program and sheer will and determination have been able to do the impossible on my family’s behalf.


Starting as an independent single mother to a now newly wedded wife with an upcoming 1year anniversary I can say without her programs educational, financial, and personal support as well as generous heart and friendship never have gotten this far in life as I have now.

To be able to call on this warrior woman and advocate for those who genuinely need her in dark times and times of blessed joy after losing a child of one year old to two miscarriages to follow to be gifted by God a new addition to my newlywed family a beautiful healthy baby boy.

I can say with all my heart that I testify her program is most needed and wanted and should continue to help single mothers and fathers and families such as to continue to thrive where they probably could not otherwise without their assistance.

These programs are a beacon of hope when everything seems to be lost in dark hopelessness. For those who can’t provide Christmas and thanksgiving, she is the real Yule time guardian and Saint Nick gift bringer for a lot of children whose parent(s) had no other way to make such things come to be. With your help support and funding, she can continue to do what is so passionately wakes up to do for others every day.

I Dannielle Crawford Smith and family humbly impose upon you once more how important it is for this program to continue her good works.

 God has many more for her to help and she truly has the heart of an angel and can achieve much more for the community of family and humanity itself if you give her the backing she needs to do so.

Thank you for hearing my account and testament of what the programs Kendra provides for just my family life alone and hope you see the effect she makes in such a world today. 

Jersey City, NJ


L. Ransom 


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   Kendra from Touched By An Angel is a very special person who is dedicated to helping others.   After my mom passed away, a friend recommended her to me.  She answered my call right away and was instrumental in helping us find a good home for so many of my mother's treasured possessions.  She was very organized and came to the house several times.  She took clothing, kitchenware, bedding, and furniture among other things, and was able to match all of the items with people who could use them.  And, she did it all with kindness and compassion.  My family and I were comforted knowing that our mother's things were being put to good use.  Kendra was amazing and I would definitely recommend her!

Debbie R.

Tech Lead

Tech Lead

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